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Working in Partnership With Charities

“Helping you raise funds”






  1. Introduction
  1. Fund Raising Scheme for the Supply of Printer Cartridges
  1. Fund Raising Scheme for the Recycling of Printer Cartridges
  1. Fund Raising Scheme for the Recycling of Mobile Phones
  1. Marketing & Promotion of the Schemes
  1. Contact Us
  1. Our Charity Partners
  1. Recycling Scheme-Example of Promotional Material
  1. Recycling Scheme-Our Freepost bag
  1. Recycling-Environmental Considerations


Join one or both of our free to join fundraising schemes designed to work for charities of all sizes. The following pages outline how our schemes work & how they will raise valuable funds for your charity.

Thank you for your interest.



Cartridges 4 Causes provides a website dedicated to your charity membership enabling them to buy laser, fax & ink cartridges at discounted prices by virtue of their membership of your charity.

For every sale Cartridges 4 Causes makes a donation to your charity. Your charity receives £1 for every toner purchased by its members, and £0.50p for every inkjet purchased.

This is an ongoing benefit as every repeat purchase produces the same income.

There is no cost to the charity apart from the promotion of the scheme through your usual newsletters, website, etc.

This is a way of the membership contributing to your charity without personally making a donation. This makes fundraising for your charity easier as you are not asking the members to part directly with their money to make a donation. The members needed to make the printer cartridge purchase which will produce the donation. Let them do it through C4C rather than someone else where no donation will be made.

Cartridges 4 Causes supports the charity with the promotion & marketing of the scheme with our tried and tested marketing ideas & material.

The scheme can also be offered to your employees & for the Charity’s own purchases.



Recycle your old printer cartridges in a C4C recycling box provided free of charge by C4C.

Recycling Boxes

We provide free recycling boxes to be placed in offices for the collection of used ink & toner cartridges & mobile phones.

When full, the box is collected free of charge & returned to our processing centre.

Provided our terms & conditions are met a cartridges are returner from our wanted list. We will pay a minimum of £10 for each recycling box returned.

This scheme can be promoted to your personal membership & corporate supporters. Not only is this a great fund raising scheme, it is environmentally friendly & so many people will want to join in recycling items they would previously have binned.

Fund Raising Mobile Phones (See page attaches)


Fund Raising Scheme for the Recycling of Mobile Phones

Recycle your old Mobile Phone to raise your funds for your school. Provided our terms & conditions are met we will pay £3 per phone.

Mobile Phone Recycling Bag

If you have 4 Mobile Phones request your Recycling Bag online.

Recycling Box

You can also deposit your Mobile Phone in out cartridge Recycling Boxes.

I f you are able to collect more mobile phones or want a drop in point for people to deposit their unwanted phones. Our phones 4 cause freepost boxes are ideal. These come with a display board & hold 20 phones. Fill the box with 20 phones, seal & return via freepost. Provided our terms & conditions are met your school will receive £60.



C4C has experience in working with Charities & helping them with the promotion & marketing of the schemes to maximize the return.

We have tried & tested marketing & promotional materials & ideas which we will tailor to your individual requirements.  We can help you with ideas for reaching your membership through various distribution channels.

We will hold regular meetings with your fund raising team (and a marketing team if you have one) to ensure the schemes work to their maximum effect.

We have a range of promotional materials too extensive to include in this proposal but please see at section 7 one of our posters used to promote the Recycling Scheme.



We are pleased to be working in partnership with the following charities, helping them raise funds for their valuable work:-

  • Action for Charity
  • Azafady
  • Born Free
  • The Brooke
  • Care International
  • Christian Aid
  • Crisis
  • Diabetes UK
  • Dreams Come True
  • Everyman
  • The Institute of Cancer Research
  • The MS Society
  • National Autistic Society
  • National Society for Epilepsy
  • Open Door
  • PDSA
  • The Prostate Cancer Charity
  • Iain Rennie Hospice
  • Scope
  • Michael Sobell House
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Sue Ryder Care
  • Terrence Higgins Trust
  • World Cancer Research Fund



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  • More than 1.1 billion inkjet cartridges are used annually around the world - laid end to end this would be 129 times as long as the Great Wall of China
  • Approximately 3.5 litres of oil are required to produce each new laser printer cartridge and 90 ml of oil is used to produce each inkjet cartridge
  • Each discarded empty laser printer cartridge adds approximately three pounds of waste to our landfills
  • The plastic used in a typical cartridge is made of engineering grade polymers and is expected to take up to 1000 years to decompose
  • More than 30 million inkjet cartridges are dumped each year in the UK (1800 tonnes) - the same weight as 18 Blue Whales
  • Industry analysts estimate a spent cartridge can be reused or remanufactured between 3 to 7 times - every cartridge remanufactured is one fewer going directly to the landfill
  • 20-30% of all cartridges sold worldwide are remanufactured


  • 23 million new mobile phones were purchased in the UK (2004 – LG)
  • It is expected that one billion handsets will be sold each year by 2009
  • There are about 50 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK
  • The average mobile phone user will replace their handset once every 18 months.
  • It is estimated that less than 20% of all unused mobile phones in the UK are currently recycled
  • Estimates state that close to 90 million phones are hiding in drawers and cupboards across the UK (11250 tonnes) - these weigh almost six times as much as the London Eye!

  • Mobile phones contain numerous substances which need to be disposed of in safe and efficient manner:

    The Cadmium in the battery from a single old phone could seriously contaminate 600,000 litres of water, enough to fill a third of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Cadmium is being phased out of new batteries.

    Lead - which affects the immune, endocrine and central nervous systems, and causes serious damage to children's brains - is used to solder components to the printed wiring boards.

    Brominated flame retardants, used in wiring boards and plastic cases, have been associated with cancer, liver damage and problems with the neurological, immune and endocrine systems.

    Beryllium, which can cause serious lung damage, is used in contacts and springs and highly toxic dioxins can be emitted if the phones are incinerated in waste plants.